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BTG Design Concepts produces complete, clear and accurate construction plans that can be used by any builder or contractor.  I offer a commitment to the highest quality house plan design with an equally strong passion for delivering responsive, unique service for every customer.  My Mission is to provide a Home Design Service where the plans are Cutting Edge, Affordable, Accurate, and Completed in a Reasonable Amount of Time.  Thank you for considering my services.​

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​My name is Blake Gray and I have been designing homes in a wide variety of styles in both Illinois and Missouri for over 15 years.  Each design clearly reflects the unique style of the homeowner.   I provide design services for everything from new homes, renovations, additions and outdoor pool and patio designs. If you have a preferred style, I will work within that style.  If you have not chosen a specific style, I will help you create an original design that reflects your own personal taste.  All designs are finalized and approved by you.  


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